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vol. 2, p. 4
from Adyar archives of the International Theosophical Society
vol. 2 (January 1874 - April 1878)


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Chapter X.

Pere Felix of Notre Dame—An Abvss in a Grain of Sand—A Fragment of Hermiass—The Book of Life—Apuleius on the Soul—Speculations of Dupuy and Volney—Oannes the Man-Fish—Is Re-incarnation Possible?—When Annihilation is Possible—Witches and Wizards—The Sacred Sleep of * * *—Professor Pepper's Ghosts—Salem Witchcraft—Bad Spirits Fear the Sword—The Thrilling Tale of Philonœa—Mediumistic Powers Defined—A Trial of Magical Skill—French Spoken by Babes at the Breast—The Miracles of M. De Pails-Carious Properties of Marriage—A Liberal Offer.

Chapter XI.

Robert Houdin in Algeria—Serpent and Beast Taming—Fakirs and Crocodiles—Various Teratological Phenomena—Imagination of the Mother—Pre-natal Conditions—Mothers’ Marks—Professor Armor’s Theory—An Explanation Ventured—Parrot-headed Squabs—Ancient Cases of Teratology—The Extreme Limits of Nature— Professor Corson on the Invasion of Science—The Crowing Body of Truth—Groping in the Dark—The Sodalian OathOur Padectyl Ancestor—The Submerged Atlanlis—Turning Water into Blood.

Chapter XII.

The Physical Basis of life—What Shocks Prof Huxley’s Common Sense—The Trinity of Fire—What instinct Is, What Reason—Are the Poor...?—Aristotle on Dream— Lempriere's Inconsistency—Adam, Eve, and Lilith—Intuition Supports our Faith in God—The Re-incarnation of Buddha—Tire Little ... of Saar Louis—The Magical Moon of Thibet—..., the "God-thought" Philosopher—The Friar's Crucial Test—Driving Away Bad Spirits—Is Vampirism a Fact ?—The Servian Vourdalak—Absorbing the Strength of the Living—The Vampire-Governor of Teh--- —Bengalese Conjurers and Jugglers—Mediæval Incubi and Succubi.

Chapter XIII.

Photographing to Colors by Will-power—The Homunculus and Manthagora—A Magical Seance in Bengal—Feats of Magic, Black and White—Turning a Corpse into Gold—The Acme of Illusion—Life intensely Active in Death—The Burial and Resuscitation of Fakirs—When are the "Dead" Dead ?—Nature Shuts the Door Behind Us— Suspended Animation—Making Statues Walk and Talk—The Heavenly Nimbus—The Mystic Password of Proctus—King Pharaoh’s Magicians—What Spirits Love Fresh-sprit Blood ?—A Siamese Priest Walks the Air—What Lifts the Adept, and What the Medium ?—Professor Nicholas Wagner’s Views—The Fascination of a Precipice—Philosophy of the Elixir Vitae—The "Pre-Adamic Earth"—The Sacred Tetragram—Count Cagliostro’s Alchemical Diamonds—Hermetic Gold the Outflow of Sunbeams—Printing in Thibetan Lamaseries.

Chapter XIV.

Proofs of Old Egypt's Grandeur—Transportation of Monoliths—Greece Owed All to Egypt—Glorious Thebes and Mighty Karnak—Who were the Monument Builders ?—A Vine that Averts Lightning Strokes—What the Ebers Papyrus Contains— Egyptian Arts of War and Peace—The Three Stages of Scientific Growth—Ours the Age of “ Brass ”—Marvelous Chinese Glass—Copper-tempering, Mummy-wrapping, Anæsthesia—The Chemistry of Colors—Automata, Glass-making, Artificial Gems—The Earliest Navigators of the Globe—A Mysterious City in the Cordilleras—Quiché and other Cosmogonies—Who were the American Aborigines ?—Serpent Worship of Israel—Nagaalism and Voodoo Worship—Religion of the Ancient Mexicans—Three Glorious Relics of a Mighty Past— Who Built Nagkon-Wat ?— Was it the Lost Tribes of Israel ?—Who are the Jews?—Hebron, City of the Giants—“The Land of the White Elephant”—The Riddles of the Sphinxes.

Chapter XV.

The Eden of the Bible and of Fact—Two Remarkable Cingalese Relics—Genesis Copied from the Chaldean Kabala—Hidden Meaning of Sanskrit Words—The Sects of Siva and Vishnu—A Pennsylvania Pundit—How Old is the World ?—A once Mighty Trans-Himalaya Sea—The True Origin of the Name America—What Ruined the Atlantis Race—Subterranean Passages in Peru—A Secret Now First Told—The Priceless Reward of Hiouen-Thsang—A Pretty Chinese Legend—The Tricky Goblins of the Desert—The Musical Sand of California—The Shark Charmers of Ceylon—A Magical Soirée in Paris—Beethoven's Sp... Re-incarnate—Liquefaction of Blood at Naples and Narger-coil—The Awful Science of Theopæa—Pope Sextus V on Talismans—The Achievements of Old India—Shoёpte Reaffirms the Geocentric System—The Divine Pimander—The Egyptian Menes Identified.

"Isis Unveiled" will be issued in two large octavo volumes, of about 650 pages each printed upon laid paper manufactured expressly for the purpose, and bound in a unique style appropriate to the character of the book. Price for the two volumes, $7.50.

J. W. BOUTON, Publisher,
106 Broadway, New York.