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"Scrilo" in the London Medium  +
3 passages on mesmerism  +
7. Russian Soldier. 8. One of the Blue Blood  +
9. One of the Blue Blood  +
A boy with saber  +
A paragraph about H.P.B. illness. Repeated at [[HPB-SB-2-6|SB 2:6]]  +
A paragraph about HPB illness. Repeated in [[HPB-SB-1-30|SB 1:30]]  +
A passage quoted from Isis Unveiled  +
Advertisement about HPB's book with contents of vol.1  +
Also in HPB CW, vol. I, pp. 56-72  +
Another title: "Spiritualism and Spiritualists"  +
Bald-headed man in glasses  +
Bay with many sailers парусник  +