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7. Russian Soldier. 8. One of the Blue Blood  +
9. One of the Blue Blood  +
A paragraph about H.P.B. illness. Repeated at [[HPB-SB-2-6|SB 2:6]]  +
Could be reprinted in London Spiritualist, 13.12.1874  +
First idea of TS  +
First part of the article  +
From ''the Springfield Republican''  +
From The New York Sun, August 27  +
Includes chart "The Spiritual Charts"  +
Inserted small page with handwrinig on both sides  +
Life and Scenes in Sitka  +
Part of the title is lost  +
Picture of sphinx and child  +
Reprinted from The New York Sun, Aug, 18 ?  +
Reprinted from the N. Y. Graphic, May 4 1875  +