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Modern Theosophical Thought (MTT) is an electronical magazine founded in 2016 by “Svet Istiny” (The Light of Truth) branch of The Theosophical Society (Adyar) in Russia. The main goal of the magazine is to prove the urgency of Theosophy in the modern world by publishing articles by modern theosophy students from different countries on any aspects of life from a theosophical point of view. The magazine publishes two issues a year (May and November), distributed free and can be downloaded from Yandex and Google disks in PDF.

The original name in Russian is "Современная теософская мысль". The complete table of contents (with links to online texts) is given in Russian part of Teopedia.

Modern Theosophical Thought issues

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Some articles in English
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Title Author Issue, page Category
The Power of Thought and its Higher Potential
Harkness, Marie 2023-1 (15), 53 Observation and Meditation
On the Nature of Human Mind
Lipsky, Svyatoslav 2023-1 (15), 27 Theosophy Basics
Daily Steps towards Brotherhood
Malakhov, Pavel 2022-1 (13), 14 Theosophy Basics
Portrait of the Master Morya Buck, J.D.; Caldwell, Daniel H.(editor) 2021-2 (12), 72 Theosophical Movement History
“At the Feet of the Master” Argnihotri, Shikhar 2021-2 (12), 52 Research
Pythagoras a Great Philosopher and Mystic Bousoulengas, Alexandros 2021-2 (12), 45 Research
Research: On the Etymology of Dzyan Fergus, Jon W. 2021-2 (12), 36 Research
A Casebook of Encounters with the Theosophical Mahatmas (encounters 1-20) Caldwell, Daniel H. (compiler and editor) 2020-2 (10), 60 Theosophical Movement History
Theosophy and Philately Murashov, Alexander 2020-2 (10), 82 Theosophical Movement History
Research: Sien-Tchan and Related Terms
Fergus, Jon 2020-2 (10), 67 Research
Nurturing the Divine Seed
Resende, Isis 2020-2 (10), 40 Observation and Meditation
What is Theosophical Education?
Hao Chin, Vicente R. Jr. 2020-1 (9), 63 Practice
The Meaning of a Pandemic
Levy, Steven H. 2020-1 (9), 34 Observation and Meditation
Self-Transformation and Dialog
Hao Chin, Vicente R. Jr. 2020-1 (9), 28 Observation and Meditation
Our Seven Divine Parents 2020-1 (9), 9 Theosophy Basics
Nurturing the Divine Seed
Boyd, Tim 2020-1 (9), 8 Ethics
Coronavirus – a Medicine from Aggression
Malakhov, Pavel 2020-1 (9), 5 Ethics
Squaring the Circle Malakhov, Pavel 2019-2 (8), 25 Theosophy Basics
What sort of vibrations are we creating, experiencing envy?
Fyodorova, Olga 2019-2 (8), 8 Ethics
Three things from H. P. Blavatsky's work room Malakhov, Pavel 2019-1 (7), 112 Theosophical Movement History
To condemn or not to condemn?
Fyodorova, Olga 2019-1 (7), 12 Ethics
H.P.B. at Work
Malakhov, Pavel 2018-2 (6), 112 Theosophical Movement History
The Mahatmas and the Latest Technology
Malakhov, Pavel 2018-2 (6), 83 Observation and meditation
The Pioneer of Theosophy or the Soviet Man
Fyodorova, Olga 2018-2 (6), 79 Observation and meditation
Elena Petrovna and her education
Fyodorova, Olga 2018-1 (5), 124 Theosophical Movement History
On Knowledge
Machulsky, Alexander 2018-1 (5), 86 Observation and Meditation
Altruism and its component yajna-sacrifice
Fyodorova, Olga 2018-1 (5), 11 Ethics
Practical realization of the three objects of the TS
Malakhov, Pavel 2017-2 (4), 61 Observation and meditation
Mainstreaming Theosophy
Hao Chin, Vicente R. Jr. 2016-2 (2), 12 Changing Life Theosophy
Compassion as one of the fundamental qualities of Reality
Zaitzev, Konstantin 2016-2 (2), 9 Ethics
Theosophical View on Morality Importance
Malakhov, Pavel 2016-1 (1), 6 Ethics