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H. P. Blavatsky's Scrapbooks
Adyar archives
International Theosophical Society
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This page holds some useful information about H.P. Blavatsky Scrapbooks (HPB SB) in Teopedia. All usefull links are gathered here to help Teopedia editors and other researches to work on (and with) HPB SB.

There are several special templates to design the pages of HPB SB. They are grouped in the following categories:

There are some more categories dedicated to HPB SB:

File name pattern (changeable parts highlighted): SB-<Volume, 2 digits>-<Page, 3 digits>-<Counter>
Example: SB-01-005-2.jpg
Page name pattern (changeable parts highlighted): SB-<Volume>-<Page>
Example: HPB-SB-1-12
File name pattern (changeable parts highlighted): SB-<Volume, 2 digits>-<Page, 3 digits>-source-<Counter>
Example: SB-01-080-source-2.png

Work progress categories and semantic properties list HPB SB pages on different state of readyness:

  • «To be proofread» -- pages that need to be proofread
  • Proofread (dynamic table) -- pages that have been proofread
  • Wanted (dynamic table) -- pages that need source text

File naming:

  • SB-04-022.jpg – Scrapbook page in format: SB-<volume>-<page>.jpg
  • SB-04-022.1.jpg – inlay to page; number in regular order
  • SB-04-022-1.jpg – improved image; number is a value of item parameter in {{HPB-SB-item}} template
  • SB-01-169-note-1.jpg – improved handwriting; number in regular order; file listed in category «HPB Scrapbooks notes»

Other resources: