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H. P. Blavatsky's Scrapbooks
Adyar archives
International Theosophical Society
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Advocate, The

American Bookseller, The

American Publishing Co.

A Message from Luxor

Athenaeum, The

Baltimore Underwriter

  • Mediums, Beware! by Blavatsky, H. P., vol. XXXIX, No. 7, p. 8, 1876-05-13 (SB 1:143)

Boston Daily Advertiser

Boston Herald

Boston Sunday Herald

Buffalo Courier

Chicago Times (?)

Christian at Work, The

Christian Union

Commercial Advertiser

Commonwealth, The

Courier Journal

Daily Graphic, The

Daily News

Daily Picagane, The

Daily Record-Union, The

Evening Mail, The

Evening Telegram

Evening Telegram (?)

Evening Telegram, The

Evolution, The

Graphic, The

Hartford Daily Times

Hebrew Leader, The

Hemphis Appeal

Herald, The

Independent, The


Liberal Christian, The

Library Table, The

London Spiritualist

London Spiritualist, The

Mirror of Literature

National Quarterly Review, The

Newark Daily Journal

New York

New-York Daily Tribune

New York Dispatch

New York Herald

New York Sun

New York Times

New York Tribune

New York World

N. Y. Evening Post

N. Y. Sunday Mercury

Pall Mall Budget

Pall Mall Gazette

Philadelphia Press

Phrenological Journal

Plain Dealer, The

Portland Press

Press, The

Public Opinion

Religio-Philosophical Journal

Republican, The

Saturday Review, The


Scientific American

Spiritualism in America

Spiritualist, The

Spiritualist, The (?)

Spiritual Scientist

  • Russia by Aksakoff, A. N., 1875-07-08 (SB 1:37)

Spiritual Scientist (?)

Spiritual Scientist, The

Standart, The

St. Louis «Republican»

Sunday Herald, The

Sunday Mercury, The

Sun, The


Templar’s Magazine, The

Theosophist, The

Tribune, The

Western Union Telegraph Company, The

Woman's Words

Woodhall & Cloflin's Weekly

World, The

Yates County Chronicle